The New Mangano


Authenticity of oneself

We believe in uniqueness

In the uniqueness of every character

In the uniqueness of great ideas 

Ultimately we believe in fashion.

You are color

We believe in color as an artistic expression of identity.,

We believe in nuances that enhance the beauty of everyday life.

We believe in you as a unique human being.

Our mission is to unveil the different accents of your color.

You are your own stylist

We believe in you.

In your imagination.

In your creativity. 

In your desire to freely express yourself.

Be your own stylist. We trust you.

We are Mangano

Mangano is a 100% Made in Italy contemporary brand, owned by Lamonaca Group.

Mangano comes from the desire to identify a new idea of ​​femininity, entirely dedicated to today's young women in constant tension between audacity and lightness, a colorful style and an eclectic attitude.

Mario Dice, Mangano's creative director, is now strating a new chapter in the brand’s history.

The entire collection is focused on quality and uniqueness to express the quintessential of women’s personality, paying particular attention to the research of fabrics and giving value to the care of craftsmanship which is a treasure Italy can be proud of.

Recognizable and iconic, Mangano aims to become a symbol of the uniqueness, self-confidence, strength and boldness. 

Women who dare consciously, who dream big, who scream loud are our main font of inspiration.